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  In order to follow the fast development of business and strengthen management upon manufacturing, techniques and trading, a group company named Huashen Group was founded in 2009. It includes 7 subsidiary companies as below:
Ningbo Tongda Precision Casting Co.,Ltd. (1993)
Ningbo Fenghua Tongda Innovative Alloy Technology Co.,Ltd. (2005)
Ningbo Weirong Automobile Parts Manufacture Co.,Ltd. (2004)
Ningbo Inrise International Trading Co.,Ltd. (2004)
Zhejiang Huajian Medical Engineering Co.,Ltd. (2004)
Ningbo QuanLing Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd. (2011)
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Ningbo Innovative Generation   Ningbo QuanLing   Zhejiang Huajian   Ningbo Inrise Int’l   Tongda Casting   Ningbo WeiRong
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